MACH·6 Wireless Tattoo Marker

Mach-6 has a solid vertical coreless motor for quick start-up and more
power than other SMP tattoo machines. This marker features low noise, stable operation, a stable center of gravity, and a stronger flapping force.

Weight: 197g
Stroke: 3.5mm
Motor Type: Direct Motor
Voltage: S-12v
Speed: 10v 87S0R/min (12v/10500rpm)
Grip Diameter: 32mm
Lenght: 141mm
Battery life: up to Bhrs

Designed for powerful, comfortable, and ultimately convenient
Micro-pigmentation tattooing.



Mach-6 Wireless Tattoo Marker

Designed for powerful, comfortable, and ultimately convenient Micro-pigmentation tattooing. When tattooing wirelessly, the Mach-6 power pack
features a screen readout interface that allows you to adjust your voltage by pressing a button, boasting a state-of-the-art drive system driven by a custom motor with dual shafts. This unique system offers powerful hits, minimal vibration, and quiet, optimal performance.

• Ergonomic shape with an anti-roll design, minimal noise, and vibration.
• Powerpack features a built-in display, button controls, and a USB-C port; pass-through operation allows you to charge while tattooing.
• Direct drive motor, particularly custom Careless motor.
• 3.5mm stroke length, great for scalp micro-pigmentation or all-around tattooing.
• V-10 start-up for artists to focus on the tattoo process and passion.
• Grip Diameter: 32mm (widest point). Replaceable grips included.
• Machine Length: 141mm for a stable center of gravity.
• Two replaceable batteries and a separate charger. A use cord and charger charge this machine in the parcel.
• One battery works for up to 8 hours.
• Gently and smoothly transfers ink to the skin; suitable for all skin types.
• Effortless to cover, disinfect and protect.

This tattoo marker is simple, classic, and the most suitable machine for precise ink/pressions. density, fading, and solid color packing.

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