Scalp Micropigmentation for Women: What You Need to Know

woman with hair loss

Did you know that among those Americans suffering hair loss, 40% are women? This common condition has spurred a new wave of innovations in order to help women improve their looks and feel better about themselves. 6e/mp offers scalp micropigmentation (SMP) services for women in Central Florida. Learn about SMP below, and call us for a free consultation today!

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What is Scalp Pigmentation?

Scalp pigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that uses a needle to implant colored dots on the scalp. This mimics the look of real hair and is used to help cover up bald spots or thinning hair on women.

woman with thick hair showing scalp

How is SMP performed?

Similar to tattooing, small dots of colored ink of the customer’s choosing are placed on the scalp. This then blends with the existing hair to give the illusion of more hair. Skilled and trained artists and technicians replicate hair follicles based on your individual needs.

woman with thinning hair

Who is SMP for?

As noted above, millions of women in the United States are suffering some form of hair loss. This can be from a condition, such as alopecia, a cancer treatment, or simply genetics and age. Whatever the cause, scalp micropigmentation promises a solution that is right for you.

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You are probably wondering: can SMP help me? The answer is most likely. However, everyone is different, which is why here at 6e/mp, we offer free consultations in order to determine if SMP will be the hair loss solution you seek. Schedule today!


6e/mp offers the best scalp micropigmentation services for men and women in Central Florida. Our highly skilled and certified team can’t wait to help you feel better about yourself and give you a great look. Schedule your free consultation today!

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