SMP: Difference for Men Versus Women

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Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-invasive procedure that helps with hair loss. That being said, the technique can be different for men versus women simply due to the fact men and women often suffer different patterns of hair loss. 6e/mp offers SMP for women and men in Central Florida. Learn about the difference below, and contact us today.

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Thinning Versus Balding

Oftentimes, men and women experience hair loss differently. Men tend to lose all of their hair in certain locations, creating bald spots. Women, on the other hand, experience diffuse thinning, which is hair loss evenly across the scalp.

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Different SMP Technique

SMP works by inserting ink in-between the hair follicle to simulate hair and offer a fuller look. For women, scalp micropigmentation is applied to thin areas across the scalp rather than in one area in order to give a fuller look.

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Incredible Results

This technique of parting the hair and inserting ink in different areas offers incredible results. The technique of SMP in effect tricks the eye and when seen looks like a cohesive whole.

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Is SMP Right for You?

If you are experiencing hair loss as a woman, there are options, and SMP is one option. The best way to decide which hair loss solution is right for you is to schedule a free consultation with our scalp micropigmentation experts who can help. We can explain the pros and cons and evaluate your particular case. Call today.


Hair loss can significantly impact your self-esteem and confidence. Scalp micropigmentation is a safe hair loss solution for many women who are looking for a more permanent solution than wigs or hair color sprays. Call 6e/mp in Central Florida to learn more and to schedule a free consultation today!

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